Summer Weathers mean Summer Hours

Starting April 7th the shops will be operating on a summer schedule, to maximize the time these new fades get to stay in the sun.

Baton Rouge
Mondays: 1-7
Tuesdays: 9-9
Wednesdays: 9-2

New Orleans
Thursdays: 11-8
Fridays: 11-6
Saturdays: 11-5

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Pop-Up Salon this weekend at Billy Reid New Orleans


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A Meeting of Two Gentlemen

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The “it’s too cold” complaining is about to be “it’s too hot” complaining

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5 years strong

we made 5 years open today. it’s been very easy to look back and smile. it’s been 100% because of you….and the fact that your hair will never ever stop growing. if you’ve enjoyed it so far, keep up! 2014 will be as full of movement and music and events and new services…..and more of tavi sleeping. much love to you all.

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click here for Homestead’s FB and here for the event FB page

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Gaudet Likes: The Jazz Jousters

The Jazz Jousters are a collective of like-minded producers based in the UK who regularly pick on an artist to sample and create entire albums around the same theme.

Of course, “the originals are better,” that goes without saying.
But there is nothing wrong with a little update to the old classics.

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we haven’t used this great logo yet, it didn’t feel right since we weren’t shaving. we’ll start using the logo in october……see what we did there? see it?


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Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 11.39.13 AM

mr gaudet approves this waste of time…..8 movies in 8 minutes.  fear and loathing, star wars, big lebowski, bladerunner, matrix, pacific rim, aliens, & back to the future


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mugshots 1912-1948. the guys outclassed the girls in these.

mugshots from 1912-1948

Mug shot of De Gracy (sic) and Edward Dalton. Details unknown. Central Police Station, Sydney, ca.1920.


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